FMF Interpreting

Intercultural communication services

without barriers

Clear and effective communication in:

English, Italian, German, Chinese



Accurate, fluent, effective interpretation in a variety of modes for the success of your event — from workshops and business meetings to large-scale conferences.

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Complementary Services

Clear communication and optimal coordination are key to the success of your international project. I offer professional support throughout all its phases.

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Internationalisation made easy.

Bespoke solutions for:


Are you organising an international conference?


Facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration without linguistic barriers.

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Are you taking your business to new frontiers?


Communicate effectively in a foreign business culture.

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Are you taking your artwork to the global stage?


Bring your emotions and inspiration into other wor(l)ds.

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Are you building strategic partnerships abroad?


Achieve communication of high levels of detail and coordination.

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Why choose FMF Interpreting?

The right communication for your target.
A seamless service responsive to your needs.


Comprehensive and flexible solutions tailored to your needs. Get in touch to discuss your project-specific requirements and develop your personalised solution.

Intercultural competence

Conform to the norms of the foreign culture and establish professional relationships based on mutual respect and understanding.

Clarity and detail

Great attention for detail with fluent and precise language to carry across your messages clearly and establish credibility with your partners.

Efficiency and organisation

Optimised processes and digital tools to seamlessly share information. Create online multilingual reports, project timelines, roadmaps etc. always accessible at the click of a button.

Effective interaction

Register, style, tone, nuances — convey all layers of your message to evoke emotions, make sure that your intention is understood correctly and build rapport.

About me

Francesca Maria Frittella - FMF Interpreting
  • Conference Interpreter (MA), in the industry since 2014
  • Coutries where I have lived and worked: Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, China
  • Interpreter Trainer
  • Interpreter Education researcher
  • ? Read my publications here
  • Co-founder and Instructional Designer at InterpreMY — my interpreting academy
  • ? Visit InterpreMY
  • Experienced academic writer, book author, peer reviewer for leading research journals in the field of Interpreting Studies

The phases of our project

What to expect when you work with FMF Interpreting:
a clear workflow based on professional best practices, reliability, punctuality,
and a customer-oriented approach
  • Free consultancy

    Get in touch to request a non-binding quote or discuss your project free of charge. I will work with you to establish a clear brief of the service constellation that best suits your requirements.

  • Personalised offer

    In this phase, we will define the project scope, finalise technical requirements and key milestones. I will provide you with a written personalised offer and a visual roadmap with intermediate milestones.

  • Ongoing support and adaptive service

    As what we have decided about your project takes shape, you will receive attentive support start to end. You will be able to track the progress made on your project milestones and access relevant information online at any time. You may tweak or redirect efforts as needed.

  • Post-production support

    We will finalise and clarify any queries before project completion. After that, you will receive a final report. I can also offer training for your team on aspects such as intercultural communication and the systems I have used in your project to ensure that everything keeps running smooth.

Interpreting Services

From workshops and business meetings to large-scale events communicate clearly and effectively in a foreign language to ensure the success of your event.

Consecutive Interpreting

I interpret your speech one segment at a time, as you pause after each complete thought.

Dialogue Interpreting

I bridge conversations between you and the foreign-language counterpart translating your messages alternatively.

Simultaneous Interpreting

I interpret your speech in real time for a large audience.

Remote Interpreting

I interpret your speech or meeting in real time from a different location.

Whispered Interpreting

I provide a small audience with the real-time interpretation of your speech.

Complementary Services

Professional support in all phases of your international project.

First contact and planning

I can assist you in: ‣Your partner search ‣Establishing a first contact with the foreign partners ‣Presenting your project effectively in the foreign language


I can support you with the following services: ‣Translation, copyediting, and transcreation of written material ‣Live Interpretation ‣Development of multilingual MOUs, roadmaps and timelines

Maintenance and continuous improvement

At project completion, you wilI receive: ‣A final multilingual report ‣An analysis of future needs ‣Support in the project maintenance with your team

Case studies

Theatre Workshop

First-contact and application support to obtain the cultural patronage of the local embassy, copyediting of relevant documentation, transcreation of promotional material, IT⬄CN interpretation during the workshop — Beijing, China, 2019

Institutional partnership

Project presentation in online conferences with the foreign partners, on-site CN⬄IT interpretation during delegation visits and conferences, drafting of multilingual reports, development of a roadmap and an online information-sharing system — China-Italy, 2020

The word is yours


We were impressed at her thorough preparation and her ability
to adapt complex country-specific legal terminology to other countries' frameworks.

University of Administrative Sciences Speyer

Simultaneous Interpreting IT⬄DE, International Conference

All of our business partners and visitors agreed with us: preparation,
language competency, interpersonal skills
and professionalism distinguish her.

Torneria 2C
Business Interpreting EN⬄IT⬄DE, International Tradefair

With her outstanding linguistic sensibility, creativity and ability to establish a collaborative atmosphere, she represented a valuable contribution to our workshop.

Künstlerhaus Edenkoben
Interpreting DE⬄IT, Poetry Translation workshop "Poesie der NachbarN"

She succeeded in transfering our messages, intentions and emotions. The positive outcome of our institutional visit to China wouldn't have been possible without her.

Delegation and Consecutive interpreting it⬄CN, institutional partnership